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  • Troubleshooting Audi Fluid Leaks to Stop a Major Problem

    Auto Mechanic Solving Audi Fluid Leak Issue

    When you finally purchased your Audi, you vowed to care for it like a responsible car owner—you made sure it was taken to all its routine checkups, you had it washed regularly, and you made sure to park it in the garage with care. However, even the most reliable, and exquisitely engineered vehicles, such as an Audi, have the potential to run into problems. If you stuck with the wonderful care of your Audi, that is commendable; yet, it does not negate the fact that you likely drive your car too and from work each day, you pick up and drop off, and you experience challenging terrain at times. While even luxury brand vehicles such as Audi, are meant to be driven, maintenance and upkeep is essential to ensure the life of the vehicle is at is highest, and that the performance of the vehicle remains at its peak. Furthermore, if the unforeseeable happens, such as a fluid leak, you can rest assured that you did everything possible to prevent problems from occurring, and this is an unfortunate incident that simply must be dealt with in order to continue the preventive maintenance aspect of owning a luxury vehicle.

    Locate fluid leaking place

    There is an array of fluids that could potentially leak from your Audi. In any case, it is important to remain aware of any puddles that have dripped from your vehicle. When investigating fluid leaks, you should keep in mind that the texture, color, and where the fluid is coming from are important factors that can tell you a lot about what may be going wrong. If you are not sure how to best tell what fluid is leaking in which location, you can try some investigatory techniques that will help you “catch” the fluids in order to best see their color, consistency, and where on the vehicle they are coming from. One thing you can do is to put an old tarp, newspapers, or a sheet of metal under your car. Sometimes people use baking sheets if they know that the leak is occurring in a specific spot so that they can better see the fluid up close.

    Take help of professional mechanic

    When you notice a leak in your Audi, keep in mind that you are looking first at where on the vehicle it is leaking from, what color the fluid is, and how thick or watery the fluid is. For instance, if the fluid is coming from the brakes, you will notice that it is a clear liquid with a reddish, brownish tint and it is super slick. When the brakes are leaking, this is a serious problem; it could cause your brakes to fail at the worst time—the again, when is a good time for your brakes to fail? Therefore, when you notice this liquid, it becomes a time of urgency to seek the help of a professional mechanic before you drive your car anywhere.

    Car Fluid Leak

    Things that you shouldn’t worry about

    While a brake fluid leak is one of the most extreme cases of fluid leaking that should be addressed immediately, there are other scenarios where fluid leaks are simply standard. For instance, if you notice a puddle of liquid beneath your Audi that resembles water after you have been running your air conditioning for a period of time, this is simply the condensation leaking from your air conditioning unit in your vehicle. This is normal and not a case for worry. The location of this drip usually is near the passenger side and is easy to point out as water upon further investigation.

    Wrap up

    Another potential fluid leak that may occur with your Audi, or any vehicle for that matter, is the engine’s oil; a thick, black or light brownish color. This is not an alarming issue if it occurs in small amounts, especially after an oil change. However, even if the amount of oil leaking is small, it should still be checked out by a professional—if it goes unchecked, it could potentially cause damage to the various working parts of your vehicle that need to be lubricated in order to run properly. Proper care and maintenance for your Audi is essential—make sure that only certified Audi mechanics are helping you identify any leaks and providing adequate care for your vehicle.

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