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  • How Useful Are The Latest Mercedes Safety Features?

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    Mercedes-Benz is a luxury vehicle that remains the envy of car enthusiasts worldwide. While they never lack in performance, one may wonder: are they safe? Spring and Houston, TX are busy areas with a lot of road traffic; safety is of prime concern, especially when using your Mercedes to transport your children across town, get to and from work daily, and when traveling in condensed rush hour conditions. The potential for an accident in busy city areas is exponentially higher; therefore, Mercedes owners in Spring, TX or Houston, TX should know about the safety features that are available with their vehicle and how it could potentially save their lives. The latest Mercedes safety features focus on utilizing the most recent technological advancements for improving reliability. Here are a few of the latest Mercedes safety features, alongside a discussion of how they may be useful.

    Pre-safe brake technology

    Driving requires our constant attention to the road; at any moment a child or an animal can run into the street, and without a proper braking reaction one second of your attention could result in a fatal accident. One of the newest features on Mercedes models is pre-safe brake technology, or what may be referred to as distronic plus technology. This allows Mercedes drivers to feel extra secure while driving through residential neighborhoods, in stop-and-go traffic, or any other scenario where a split-second reaction time could mean the difference between life or death. This feature detects an imminent danger of collision with another object—it uses nearly 40% of the braking force of the vehicle to immediately and rapidly slow down. A warning system alerts the driver of the imminent danger, giving the driver an opportunity to stop the vehicle; if the driver does not react quickly, the vehicle comes to a complete stop. This is a more recent development, moving toward the direction of autonomous vehicles. Some drivers may be more comfortable with this feature than others, but thus far it is an effective use of safety technology.

    Blind spot monitoring technology

    Another advancement in the realm of vehicle autonomy that increases safety conditions is active lane keeping assist or blind spot monitoring technology. Since the development of highways and freeways, we have attempted to come up with various methods of accident prevention that aim at drivers staying in their lanes; sometimes drivers may become distracted, or even doze off, causing them to drift into the lane next to them, or even off the road completely. The road bumps, or raised pavement markers were not originally developed for safety purposes, but they are helpful for alerting drivers when they are drifting outside of their lanes. While these are relatively effective, they don’t always do the job of preventing accidents. Mercedes-Benz created lane keeping and active blind spot systems that do the work of the pavement markers; when the vehicle senses that it is drifting outside of its lane the wheel will begin to vigorously vibrate, or it will engage partial braking to autonomously steer the driver back into the proper lane. This feature has been highly rated by Mercedes drivers, and although the technology is newer, Mercedes continues to develop and perfect it each year.

    Accident investigation initiative

    Lastly, to show its dedication to continuing Mercedes Air Bag to advance safety features, Mercedes developed their accident investigation initiative. They rigorously test and research the factors of what causes accidents and how to prevent them. From this initiative grew the pre-safe brake technology, among other safety developments. Mercedes has received much recognition from the automotive community for their pioneering research in vehicle safety, and through their accident investigation program they can focus on future advancements in technological safety features. Although Mercedes’ work is commendable, these mechanisms can still malfunction or fail. Because Spring and Houston, TX continue to add residents to the communities, road traffic has become a safety concern for drivers in the area. When your Mercedes safety features are not performing optimally, or you would like to have your vehicle inspected for safety, Das European Autohaus is a local automotive shop with the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the area. They pride themselves on their attention to safety, particularly in European import vehicles, such as Mercedes. Don’t trust your Mercedes with just anyone; have it checked out by the leading European auto specialists in Houston, Das European Autohaus.

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