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  • Why Your Car Encounters Coolant Loss

    Coolant Filling

    Ongoing vehicle care and maintenance is critical for the overall health of your vehicle; however, even if you follow the routine maintenance schedule set forth by your vehicle manufacturer, things can still go wrong and require repair. One of …

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  • Symptoms That Indicate Your Car Requires Alignment

    Car Wheel Alignment

    Ongoing vehicle maintenance is a task that most drivers put off until signs or symptoms of needing repair are evident. Unfortunately, when a driver waits until this point to have a vehicle maintained or inspected, there are likely other issues …

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  • Tips to Improve Your Mercedes’ Performance

    Mercedes Fuel Gauge

    Improving your Mercedes’ performance is not something you usually hear—Mercedes as they come stock are typically powerful vehicles and worthy of their high-performance reputations. With that being said, sometimes our thirst for power can’t be quenched so easily. Increasing horsepower

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  • When is it Time to Replace a Cabin Air Filter In Your Audi?

    New Audi Cabin Air Filter

    One of the luxuries of owning a vehicle with air conditioning is the escape from the hot summer weather. Air conditioning is a benefit that not all people get to experience in their vehicles, and usually we don’t realize how …

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  • Symptoms of a Failing Porsche Mass Air Flow Sensor

    Porsche Mass Air Flow Sensor

    Porsches are known for the impeccable design, flawless performance, and unrivaled engineering. Anyone who owns a Porsche knows what it means to drive in real luxury and efficiency. When things suddenly take a turn for the worse, and your Porsche …

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  • How to Tell if Control Arm Bushings Are Worn Out

    Control Arms

    The details in car mechanics are endless, and to the average car owner can become daunting to attempt to understand. It is important to grasp the concept, however, that all the little bits and pieces of a vehicle serve a …

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  • Importance of Driver’s Knee Airbag

    SRS Airbag

    Car accidents are one of the leading and preventable causes of death and severe injury in the nation. With the increased number of drivers on the road on any given day of the week, vehicle safety has progressively become more …

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  • Common Oil Pump Issues in Your Car

    Car Oil

    Every car requires adequate maintenance and care in order to function properly, and function for an extended period of time. In order for a car to run properly, one of the most basic, routine maintenance responsibilities of the car owner …

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  • What to Do If Keys Are Shut in Car

    Car Keys Locked Inside Car

    Locking your keys in your car is almost an inevitability, it is bound to happen at some point but knowing what to do and staying calm can help you resolve the situation as quickly and as hassle-free as possible. While …

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  • Common Radiator Problems and How to Avoid Them

    Repairing Car Radiator

    One of the lynchpins of your car, the radiator acts as a heat exchanger that transfer the heat from the engine coolant flowing through it to the air blown through it by the fan. This is to keep the engine

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