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At the forefront of modern auto making, Audi has fast become the new standard bearer for luxury and exceptional performance. Originally known for their sports cars like the R8, Audi has branched out to now manufacture SUVs and sedans, making …



Consistency doesn’t mean complacency and no manufacturer understands this better than BMW. Able to redefine what luxury means while also making sure that anything in need of an upgrade is taken care of, BMW offers owners a peace of mind …



Not many vehicles can claim to look as good as they first did after decades of use, in fact, only one brand comes to mind as looking brand new no matter the age: Mercedes Benz. Mercedes has long represented a …


Mini Cooper

Big things come in small packages and for vehicles; nothing represents that statement better than Mini. Not only providing fuel economy and tight handling and maneuverability, Mini has also managed to defy convention by providing drivers and passengers alike with …



What more is there to say about the Porsche? A seamless blend of comfort and power along with integrating the latest technology into each new vehicle, Porsche represents luxury taken to a degree previously thought to be unattainable.

Pushing limits …



Whether it’s a Beetle or Passat, no vehicle embodies the spirit of the summer quite like Volkwagen. Not often thought of in the same breath as other luxury vehicles, Volkswagen continues to surprise drivers with their power, comfort and dependability …


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Vincent S
Vincent S
19:09 19 Aug 16
10 Stars! Am I biased? After the phenomenal service my vehicle received, you bet! I'd like to thank Stefan (Service Director) for his complete, straight-forward and sincere customer service. After I turned my Audi over to them for work at 8a.m., Stefan called me at 10:00a.m. and provided a detailed, thorough status of my vehicle along with a price quote. He was exceptionally professional and empathetic. Ultimately, upon completion of the work, Stefan's team completed the maintenance at a reduced cost saving me $200.00! Stefan was true to his word and delivered superior results! I've always had my Audi dealer-serviced, but after going to Das European Autohaus, my vehicle will go nowhere else!I'd like to thank the service technicians for their work and wizardry: Christian and Craig. Without them, my vehicle would be non-op. My hat's off to you all!
william morris
william morris
17:21 15 Dec 16
Christians the man, very knowledgeable about any and everything VW and most Audis. He will explain everything on any invoice mostly does the work himself. He will let you know of any problems he sees while working on your vehicle and most often than not fix them without asking for anything in return. The staff there is very knowledgeable and kind even to the roughest of customers. Most there embrace everything VW and I feel they work there more for the love of it rather than the money. I would recommend them to every and any Volkswagen owner and if you doubt anything you read feel free to have a conversation with Christian before you head over. I'm sure after a few minutes talking with him you'll have an appointment and your VW running in tip top shape.- 12/15/2016 Edit, Service is still fantastic and their new location is beautiful.
Sabino Luévano
Sabino Luévano
05:05 18 Nov 16
if you have money, go here. If you don´t, find another mechanic. They charged me 500 for a job they didn´t even do because their diagnose was wrong, but I still paid. Volks Wagen cars are not that complicated as they tell you. For changing the fun of a jetta 2007 they charge around 1800 (parts and job included), but I found a used fun for 150 plus 60 of labor. So, this shop is for people that have money because they basically charge whatever the f. they want.
Ananesia Ware
Ananesia Ware
14:09 12 Jul 16
I've been bringing my 2006 Jetta here for about 4 years now. Christian is great...and patient when discussing issues about the car. I was actually referred to Das by another auto repair shop owner because of their knowledge of VW's. That speaks volumes. I have had several issues with my 10 y/o vehicle but they have always been upfront about what it will take to repair it and what it will cost. I'm about ready to give up my car but Christian and his team can count on my referrals.
Anthony Hodge
Anthony Hodge
14:56 11 Jul 16
Excellent work, honest, and very friendly. I have used them for years and will continue to. The best VW and Audi shop in town!
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez
19:52 18 Jul 17
I have been going to Das European since 2012 when it was VW only. The service is impeccable. Christian and his staff constantly prove them selves to be in the highest categories of customer satisfaction and repairs. I have had all my minor and major repairs with them since 2012. I always get detailed reports on root causes, symptoms, and on pricing. Pricing is not cheap on average, typically due to the costs on parts alone. But the value in service, knowledge and attention to detail makes it well worth it. I would highly recommend them anyone with a European car. I moved from their area to Sugar Land, a 45 minute drive, and still make it out there for maintenance.
Susana Cabrera
Susana Cabrera
22:02 09 Aug 17
If you have extra money to distribute to deceiving mechanics go here. If you also have the money to pay for everything they say you need to repair even if it's not even broken I guess you can go here too. If you have the money, I am sure they will do a good job. But if you have the misfortune of owning a VW in the USA and you are working class, do not go to this shop. Take it to an Latin American mechanic. They will know how to work on it and they will charge you a fraction of what this shop does.
anthony heggenstaller
anthony heggenstaller
13:37 29 Jun 17
I can't say enough good things about this place. Their service is quick, yet precise. I was updated every step of the way with ever detail and even shown the problems. I was treated with the utmost curtesy and never talked to like a number. Christian was very honest every step of the way and never tried to tack on last minute charges or repairs like dealers. I will be back with my Audi and with my wife's mercedes, because they did not only make a customer they also made a friend!
Chance Waller
Chance Waller
22:04 28 Mar 17
Five years ago I brought my first VW to Christian and his crew for some A/C repairs and I've taken four more VW's back since! This shop is usually about an hour drive from my home, but I can't imagine trusting anyone else with my vehicle. They've worked with my extended warranty to get my repairs covered, provided constant updates about the status of my repairs, replaced OE parts with OE parts, made maintenance suggestions, and I've never had to bring it back in for re-work. If you think attention to detail and professional craftsmanship are important then this is your shop.
Jay Dougherty
Jay Dougherty
01:37 08 Jan 17
Das European Autohaus was recommended by someone we met that spoke very highly of DEA. They mentioned how DEA is the only shop that worked on their vehicles. I needed an alignment for my Audi so I tried them out. We are very pleased with the service. We'll be back, just turn up the heater in the waiting room because it was cold.
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Why you should choose us?
Owning a German auto isn’t usually just a spur of the moment decision, it’s a realization of hard work and effort and a commitment to maintaining a certain reputation associated with luxury brands.

Whether it’s a brand new Audi that blends unmatched comforts with power and reliability or a Mini that packs all of the expectations of luxury auto making into a more economic vehicle, maintaining your vehicle will ultimately be the key to it having a long lasting life while still performing at the level it was built to.

For vehicles in Spring, North Houston, Woodlands, Cypress and Tomball, Texas, Das European Autohaus isn’t like any of the other service centers around.

Staffed by knowledgeable and experienced mechanics, we work to help you get the most out of your vehicle. Finding quality German Auto repair can sometimes be a tough task to manage as understanding the intricacies of each vehicle isn’t always a priority to mechanics. With our staff, not only is it essential to understand each vehicle’s needs, it’s also our passion.

Each luxury automaker has their own certain tendencies and technologies that help them stand out from the rest and our specialists have years of handling them all.

Whether it’s knowing your BMW’s specific service schedule and requirements, understanding how to repair your Audi’s interior display screen or knowing the small adjustments needed to correct your Porsche’s handling, we’re confident we can get the job done right. In addition to Audi, BMW, Porsche and Mini, we also service Volkswagen and Mercedes vehicles, each one receiving the level of care and quality that went into making it.

Each vehicle we service will be held to our high standards and given:

  • Quality Work Done Quickly
  • Close Attention to Detail
  • Model Specific Repairs and Maintenance

The commitment to service doesn’t stop there
though as we look to make every customer’s
experience a positive one with things like:

  • Fast and Friendly Service
  • Easy Ordering and Shipping Processes
  • Helpful Mechanics That Show You Every Option Available for Your Vehicle
Please visit us or call us today to schedule an appointment for your German import and give it the care and attention it deserves!

Das European Autohaus received 5 stars out of 5 based on 18 reviews on Yelp.