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  • Why Windshield Maintenance Is Necessary

    Broken Windshield

    When it comes to routine maintenance for your car the windshield is probably one of the last parts that you think of. However, regular maintenance and service for your windshield combined with proper care and cleaning will not only help keep you safe but will also extend the lifespan of your windshield without any cracks or damages. Learn how the proper maintenance is necessary to take care of your windshield with the following tips.

    A Dirty Windshield Impacts Visibility

    First and foremost your windshield is your line of sight from inside your car and it needs to stay clean. A dirty windshield will not only impair your vision out on the roads but it also increases the chances that you may be involved in an accident. Streaks from minor cleaning of the windshield can also cause issues when driving with glare from the sun, which can greatly reduce your vision. Not as crucial but a dirty windshield will also make the entire vehicle look less valuable and dirtier than it may be.

    No Matter How Big or Small, Cracks Are Whack

    A crack in the windshield puts you and other drivers at extreme risk of accidents. No matter how big the crack may be, if you begin to notice cracks in your windshield make sure that you seek service immediately. Cracks reduce the stability and structure of your windshield and make it more likely to crack more and eventually break altogether. Anything from slamming the door one too many times to wayward rocks and debris on the road can cause cracks to your windshield so be sure you are always aware.

    With so many factors that can contribute to a dirty or cracked windshield on your vehicle it is important that you know how to avoid causing excess wear and tear to your windshield. Follow these small but substantial tips to ensure that your windshield is kept in good condition and to avoid causing damage to the windshield no matter how old your car is.

    Avoid Direct Sunlight

    To help preserve your windshield be sure to avoid parking in direct sunlight as much as possible. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can lead to the tint in your windshield becoming very faded due to oxidation. This oxidation can cause discoloration and in some instances bubbling in the windshield. Should bubbling occur to your windshield you would need to seek out reliable mechanics to make the proper repairs or even replace the windshield to avoid further damages or risks.

    Don’t Abuse The A/C

    While this may seem slight especially on a hot day it is important to avoid cranking the A/C on full blast as soon as you get in your car. Trying to blast the A/C on a hot day can lead to conflicting temperatures that can eventually cause the windshield to crack from the inside out. You can avoid cracks and shatters of the windshield by slowly turning up the air conditioner once it has already had a chance to run for a little bit.

    Take Care Of Your Wipers

    As often as you get gas you should be cleaning off your wiper blades. This little act can help you keep them from rusting to your car or warping over time. If they do warp due to heat or dirt or not being used it can lead to scratches in the windshield that make it hard to see and impact the durability of your windshield.

    Broken Windshield Repair

    Spring’s Choice Windshield Care

    In the event there are any major cracks, chips, scratches or pits in your windshield it is important you take care of it immediately. Having the work done right will ensure that you have a strong, durable windshield that is capable of standing up to the elements. If your vehicle has a damaged windshield or to get slight repairs made Das European Autohaus is here to help. For years we have been Spring Texas’ answer for all things European Auto service and maintenance. Staffed with Bosch certified specialists we believe in offering a higher level of service than dealerships and other mechanics. If your windshield is cracking or you believe it may need to be looked at, our mechanics will make sure that we:

    • Top off wiper fluid and check windshield wiper blades
    • Inspect and repair even the tiniest cracks or blemishes
    • Install a brand new replacement windshield that looks as good as new

    Your windshield is a crucial component of your car that may often be overlooked for maintenance. Just because it isn’t a commonly thought about part does not mean it can go ignored for extended periods of time. If your windshield is damaged or cracked please call Das European Auto in Spring, Texas today to speak with one of our European Auto specialists.