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  • When is it Time to Replace a Cabin Air Filter In Your Audi?

    New Audi Cabin Air Filter

    One of the luxuries of owning a vehicle with air conditioning is the escape from the hot summer weather. Air conditioning is a benefit that not all people get to experience in their vehicles, and usually we don’t realize how valuable this feature is until it’s gone. Particularly for luxury car owners, such as an Audi, this can be especially disturbing; the “luxury” aspect of the vehicle is not so luxurious when your Audi’s air conditioning isn’t working. This can be bothersome during temperate weather, but it can be an outright inconvenience if the weather is above eighty degrees. Running into problems with your air conditioning unit in your vehicle is usually temporary because it may not be an expensive issue to fix. However, most of us will disregard the cost of fixing a broken air conditioner so that we can go back to the glory days of a cool, climate-controlled driving experience. One issue that could be causing your Audi’s air conditioning to fail is the need for a replacement cabin air filter. This filter is responsible for cleaning and recycling the air that is processed in the cabin of the vehicle. Much like the engine’s air filter, the cabin air filter removes dirt and debris from entering the vehicle’s system. However, the cabin air filter is what protects the passengers from inhaling pollutants and smoke as well.

    Change the cabin filter along with oil change

    When you get your oil changed, it is a good idea to always have the cabin air filter checked too; you can knock out two birds with one stone. The need to replace the cabin filter is not always obvious to the average driver. For Audi owners, your Audi specialist will be able to help prevent issues with the cabin filter by staying on top of such maintenance routinely. Sometimes the cabin filter becomes dirtier quicker than anticipated, and it’s important to know what to look for when its time to replace the filter. Waiting until the last minute can significantly decrease the quality of the air you breathe in your car. Car maintenance schedules generally advise that anywhere from 12-15 thousand miles is a good ballpark for when to anticipate changing the cabin filter; however, of course your Audi manual will be more accurate for your particular vehicle.

    More use leads to sooner replacement of filter

    If you drive in dusty conditions or packed Worn Out Cabin Air Filter cities, then it may not come as a shock that your filter will need to be replaced sooner than other drivers. The more you use the filter, the more debris becomes lodged in it. If you have your air conditioning on all the time, you may also need to replace it sooner. The longer the filter goes without replacement, the higher the likelihood is that it can potentially damage the entire air conditioning system. If you notice that airflow in your cabin is decreased or compromised, you should have the filter checked out. Furthermore, if you notice that your air conditioner sounds like it is working harder than usual, that’s because it probably is. Another indicator of a faulty cabin filter is a stinky smell coming from the vents. Sometimes this is due to a lingering condensation in the system, and other times it is due to a smelly cabin filter. If you’re unsure what is causing your Audi’s air system problems, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and bring it in for inspection—the problem could be worse than you think.

    Find a reliable mechanic

    You should routinely check the cabin filter; as previously mentioned, it might be a good idea to have it checked every time you go in for routine maintenance or need an oil change. It is important to keep in mind when you use the air conditioner the most in your car. In the summer months your car likely exhausted the air conditioning system, using the cabin filter regularly or daily. By the end of the season, you may not be surprised to hear that your filter needs replacement. It is best to stay on top of the filter replacement because you can avoid being without air conditioning the next time summer rolls around. Checking the cabin filter is part of preventive maintenance; make sure you find a reliable mechanic to service your Audi.

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