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  • Tips to Improve Your Mercedes’ Performance

    Mercedes Fuel Gauge

    Improving your Mercedes’ performance is not something you usually hear—Mercedes as they come stock are typically powerful vehicles and worthy of their high-performance reputations. With that being said, sometimes our thirst for power can’t be quenched so easily. Increasing horsepower in your Mercedes can happen with a few different methods. Some ways of increasing horsepower are more in-depth and expensive than others, but there are other ways that are simpler and just as effective. Furthermore, if you notice that your Mercedes has diminished in power lately, it could be due to several issues in your Mercedes that need to be addressed. One of the ways you can detect diminished performance is through gas mileage. If your fuel efficiency has gone down, you will likely be looking at a repair cost, altering your driving habits, or at the very least inspecting your oil quality and level. There are two ways to improve your Mercedes’ performance levels: one involves making alterations to your car when it is already running well, the other involves fixing issues that are compromising the vehicle’s performance. Here are some tips to improve your Mercedes’ Performance:

    Making Alterations to Increase Horsepower

    If you are a car enthusiast, or simply have the need for speed, there are various ways to improve your Mercedes’ performance. One of the most frequent methods of increasing horsepower is to install an upgraded cold air intake system. This is a cost-effective method of performance improvement, but doesn’t fix an existing “problem” per se. Other intervention methods include installing headers and high-flow catalytic converters and exhaust systems. For a complete overhaul, sometimes drivers insist on upgrade the entire intake and exhaust components at the high-performance level. Luckily for Mercedes drivers, these components are pretty powerful already in standard models, making it generally unnecessary to address issues of horsepower. However, if your thirst for power cannot be satiated, skilled automotive technicians who are experts in Mercedes upgrades and repairs should be appointed for the task.

    Engine Reprogramming

    Professionals who are skilled automotive experts trained to work with specifically Mercedes vehicles are the only people who are qualified to reprogram your engine. Here’s how it works: the Mercedes engine control unit, or ECU, is the computer component that keeps your performance levels where they should be. The ECU is programmed to balance fuel efficiency and stability in the engine. When a professional reprograms the ECU to make performance the primary goal, the ECU can allow for a significant increase in horsepower. Paradoxically, it may also help improve your fuel efficiency. There are ways that a knowledgeable individual could do this himself; however, it is sternly recommended that you leave Mercedes engine reprogramming to the professionals—there is too much room for error, and serious issues could result from computer malfunctioning if done incorrectly.

    Routine Inspections

    On the flipside, if you notice a recent decrease in engine performance in your Mercedes, there are certain components that professional automotive specialists will address in an inspection. Air filters are a common first stop when technicians suspect performance decreases. If an air filter is filled with debris and dirt, it can significantly hinder your Mercedes’ ability to perform well. A clogged filter is easily replaced with a new one. Another possible source of the issue could be related to your fuel system. The two most common culprits are: fuel injectors and fuel pumps. These parts can become worn over time or clogged, which can cause issues with the fuel to oxygen ratio utilized for proper combustion. Cleaning or replacing the fuel injector or fuel pump can help improve performance and fuel efficiency overall.

    Mercedes Tire Pressure Check

    How We Can Help

    The experts at Das European Autohaus are trained to work with all models of Mercedes vehicles. Whether you have an existing issue that is affecting your Mercedes’ ability to perform, or you would like to take steps to increase the already impressive performance, we have the solutions. We take pride in every project, and our love of Mercedes and other high-performance vehicles allows us to approach performance issues with passion and efficiency. We offer up to 35% lower prices than dealerships in the nearby Spring or Houston, TX areas so that every driver has accessible vehicle care. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment to address performance issues—we won’t disappoint!