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  • Symptoms That Indicate Something is Wrong With Your Mercedes Cooling System

    Mercedes Coolant System

    The summer season takes a toll on our vehicles; excessive tire wear and baked on windshield bugs are plenty to deal with, and it can feel like a form of cruel punishment when your cooling system brakes down. This is a common issue for drivers in Spring and Houston, TX area because of the notorious triple digit heat during summer months. Most people believe that one of the benefits of driving a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes is that they are immune to car trouble; nothing could be farther from the truth. Despite impeccable engineering, flawless design, and every imaginable consideration addressed, like any machine, luxury vehicles still require maintenance and repair work—especially in preparation for summer. Waiting till the last minute will likely make the issue worse, and will only extend the amount of discomfort you must withstand being stuck without a reliable vehicle. If your cooling system in your Mercedes is on its way out, there are symptoms you can look for that will give you a window of opportunity to have the cooling system serviced before the problem gets worse and you’re stuck driving around your luxury Mercedes with an underlying fear that you’ll get caught on the side of the road.

    Temperature gauge reads maximum or minimum

    One of the first indicators that something is off with your cooling system is that the temperature gauge will read either too hot or too cold. Keeping an eye on your Mercedes’ temperature gauge is important to do each day, that way you can get an accurate picture of where the gauge is within normal range. If you are not sure what your temperature gauge looks like, or is supposed to look like under normal operating conditions, refer to your owner’s manual. If you notice that the temperature is slightly off, then you should have it inspected before something more sinister occurs—even the slightest discrepancy in temperature change can tell a professional something about what is going on with your cooling system. Be sure you bring your shop that prides itself on accurate diagnoses; catching a problem early on is not something that every automotive shop is skilled at.

    Check engine light turns on

    Your Mercedes was engineered to be able to detect issues before you may experience the symptoms of them; for instance, if your car suspects that something is malfunctioning or not performing correctly, your check engine light may come on. For most drivers, this is a dreaded sign that they’re about to encounter some pretty hefty repair bills; however, this isn’t always the case. Your check engine light is merely a message from your vehicle that a only a professional automotive technician with the proper equipment can read, and the code that is transmitted is usually directive in nature; in other words, the code that your vehicle communicates will indicate where in the vehicle the issue is occurring, giving the technician a solid course of action to properly diagnose the issue further. Keep an eye out for any dashboard warnings, such as your check engine light, that will let you know there is a problem that needs to be checked out.

    Fluid leak

    Lastly, each day before you start your vehicle it is a good idea to look beneath your car to inspect for any puddles of fluid, other than the condensation that is expressed from your AC system. Coolant leaks are not uncommon if there are cracks in the radiator or hoses that transfer the fluid from one area to the next. If you notice that your Mercedes is leaving puddles of a brightly colored liquid wherever it parks, you must bring it in for an inspection immediately—it’s only a matter of time before your car overheats.

    Mercedes Sports Car

    Fix the cooling system at ‘Das European Autohaus’

    Cooling issues are stressful to endure because they can often lead to costly repairs and roadside towing fees. If you care concerned about your Mercedes’ cooling system, give us a call at Das European Autohaus; we provide the Spring and Houston area with automotive expertise that rivals the local dealerships in both skill and cost. We don’t believe that affordability should keep our clients from being able to have their vehicles properly serviced; stop by Das European Autohaus for an accurate diagnosis and a cheaper repair bill.

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