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  • Symptoms of a Failing Porsche Mass Air Flow Sensor

    Porsche Mass Air Flow Sensor

    Porsches are known for the impeccable design, flawless performance, and unrivaled engineering. Anyone who owns a Porsche knows what it means to drive in real luxury and efficiency. When things suddenly take a turn for the worse, and your Porsche winds up in the shop, it can be a tough pill to swallow. Being without a Porsche after experiencing its luxury is unfathomable, so it becomes particularly important for Porsche owners to pay special attention to how their car is performing on a daily basis. If you notice any issues with the Porsche, they should be addressed immediately. Part of the due diligence in owning such a luxury vehicle is staying on top of routine maintenance; this can keep your Porsche out of the shop and in your hands. Preventive maintenance automotive care is a good way to make sure you are consistently getting the most out of your Porsche investment. The more often you bring your car in for a checkup, the higher the chance that they can catch an issue before it turns into a real problem. One such issue that may occur is with the mass airflow sensor.

    Mass airflow sensors are technologically complex

    The mass airflow sensor in a Porsche is responsible for relaying messages to the powertrain control module. These messages are important because then the module can determine whether or not there is a proper amount of air coming into the engine. Mass airflow sensors are technologically complex; they contain a number of wiring systems that feed the part information. The wiring is sensitive to temperature in that it indicates the amount of cooling air the engine intakes. When your Porsche’s Mass airflow sensor becomes damaged or fails, you will need to know what the signs are so that you can prevent further damage from occurring.

    Rough idling

    Unfortunately the symptoms from a failing Porsche mass airflow sensor mimic symptoms of other issues; this is why it is especially important to bring your Porsche in to a Porsche specialist who has extensive knowledge about the Porsche brand. One symptom is a rough idle. When the car convulses or rumbles while stopped at a red light or when it’s parked, your car is considered to be idling rough. When the mass airflow sensor stops working, the control module doesn’t know how to control the fuel level. If the case worsens, then the car may not start at all. For a Porsche owner, or any car owner for that matter, this can be incredibly upsetting and inconvenient.

    Lower Fuel Economy

    Another sign that your mass airflow sensor is not working properly is lower fuel economy. Again, this is another symptom that can be caused by any number of issues. It is important to always get a second opinion from a professional service center before assuming your car is okay to drive or reliable. Porsche is known for their excellent performance level, but also for their economical features. Gas mileage for the average driver is a huge point of contention when things aren’t going so well. For Porsche drivers, it feels like a betrayal of our loyalty to such an incredible brand. There are Porsche specialists who can help you get your Porsche back on the right economical track by addressing any issues with the mass airflow sensor.

    Car Speedometer

    Difficulty in starting & stalling

    There are other signs that may show up if the mass airflow sensor is failing such as difficulty starting the engine, or difficulty keeping it from stalling once it has been started. Getting in your car on your way to work one morning is not a great time to find out that your Porsche won’t start. Until you get the mass airflow sensor replaced, you will likely be taking a cab. Another symptom is bucking or jerking while the car is increasing speed. This is one of the most disturbing symptoms, because you may feel like you will wind up on the side of the road any moment. If your Porsche is having trouble running, then the purpose of owning such a luxury vehicle is defeated. It is best to stay in line with the scheduled maintenance plan for your vehicle; however, to avoid unexpected issues with your Porsche, you should pamper it as often as possible.

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