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  • Common Oil Pump Issues in Your Car

    Car Oil

    Every car requires adequate maintenance and care in order to function properly, and function for an extended period of time. In order for a car to run properly, one of the most basic, routine maintenance responsibilities of the car owner is to be sure to change the oil as often as necessary. Usually, for the average driver, this must be done about once every 3 months or every 3000 miles. While this may sound like it could get expensive and bothersome, what could happen if you do not upkeep on oil changes could be far more costly and time-consuming.

    When you bring your car in for an oil change and check-up, your vehicle’s engine is given a general inspection in order to diagnose any other issues your car may be having; this is one of the biggest reasons that it is so important to stay on top of routine oil changes, besides keeping nice, clean oil running through the engine. One such problem that may be diagnosed is an issue with the oil pump in your car. The oil pump in a car is integral to the overall function of the engine—which makes it one of the most important working parts. Here are some other recognizable symptoms or issues that may come about when your oil pump fails.

    Drop in oil pressure

    Although you may be no automotive expert, the temperature gauge on your console will generally read warmer as a sign that an oil pump has failed. The oil pump helps the engine cool off while running by pumping oil through it. If you notice the temperature gauge climbing higher, there may be an issue with the oil pump; the engine begins to heat when the oil is unable to properly flow though and decrease the amount of heat being produced by the other working parts of the engine. Another issue that may occur due to a faulty oil pump is a drop in the oil pressure. The oil pressure, which is governed by the oil pump, will reduce the adequate amount of oil flowing through the components of the car that need to be lubricated which can lead to other crucial parts of the engine to fail. Normally when this happens, the car will notify you by illuminating the oil light on your dash.

    Abnormal loud noise from engine

    There are other symptoms that your oil pump may not be working properly. When you start your engine, turn down the music and listen to your car idling. If there is a problem with your oil pump, you may notice abnormally loud noises coming from your engine. This could be due to valve or hydraulic issues, again, caused by an inadequate amount of oil flowing through the engine, possibly due to faulty oil pump mechanism. The oil that runs through your car is the lifeblood of your engine—its what keeps it alive and helps all the other working parts to continue functioning properly. Hydraulic and valve issues can become quite costly; this can be avoided when you regularly change your oil and have routine check-ups to monitor the health of your oil pump.

    Car Engine

    Wrap up

    Although skipping out on your routine oil change will save you a few bucks every so often, neglecting the basic importance of changing your oil and going for routine check-ups can be detrimental to the overall function of your vehicle. While oil pumps typically last a long time, if you notice any of the mentioned symptoms occurring, it may be time to take your car in for a service. Whenever you notice an unusual noise, smell, or abnormality in your car’s ability to run properly, staying on top of maintenance and repairs is critical—the longer your car goes without service, the more likely it is that other parts of the engine will be negatively effected, costing more money in the long run. A simple oil change can be preventive in many ways; as you can see, one piece of the engine that is not functioning well can lead to a detrimental chain-reaction of events that cause even more expensive pieces to need to be replaced. The best way to ensure that your car lasts for the longest extended period of time is to take care of it—don’t neglect its basic maintenance needs, because it will only cause more significant problems to occur.

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